Treasure Quarry

Infinitecoin Mining Pool using P2Pool

Welcome to Treasure Quarry, the fun and friendly Infinitecoin mining pool.  Roll up your machines and start them earning some bright new Infinitecoins.

Treasure Quarry uses P2Pool for distributing your mining earnings and for displaying interesting graphs and statistics of your mining endeavours as well as the pool's overall activity.

To get started with mining Infinitecoins, just download a miner like Pooler's cpuminer, to mine with your CPU, or if you have a good graphics card you can use cgminer. Some versions of cgminer are known to disconnect every now and then from pools in general, so if you get disconnections, check out this useful thread on how to automatically restart cgminer if it stops.

Altenatively, Guiminer is a good choice if you're a beginner to mining, or if you simply prefer not to use the command-line to set up your mining.

Whichever miner you choose, you'll need to point it to to mine at the Infinitecoin pool.  Use an Infinitecoin address from your wallet as your username.  There is no need to sign up to mine with p2pool, unlike some traditional pools, so you can use anything as your password.

For example, to mine with Pooler's cpuminer, use the following command:


Ensure that you replace YOURINFINITECOINADDRESS with an actual infinitecoin address from your wallet. This is the address that your pool earnings will be sent to. Please don't use an exchange address for receiving pool earnings. It's best to use an address from your infinitecoin wallet on your own computer.

To maximise your efficiency and get a good representation of your hashrate on Treasure Quarry's graphs, add the following to your Infinitecoin address (including the + sign,  and without any spaces between your Infinitecoin address and the + sign). Just find the nearest hashrate to your own mining speed from this table:

Hashrate in KHash/s


For example if your mining speed is 90 KHash/s, use:
minerd -o -u YOURINFINITECOINADDRESS+0.00011641 -p x

This will get your miner to report when it finds "pseudo-shares" of a particular difficulty appropriate to your hashrate.   Bear in mind that you will still need to find real shares of the "Share difficulty" (shown on the statistics page) to be eligible for payouts.  Once have then started to find real shares you'll get paid when p2pool finds blocks.  The payments will go straight to your Infinitecoin wallet on your computer and show as "Mined" transactions. 

P2Pool uses a PPLNS system. This stands for Pay Per last N shares, where N is the number of shares that p2pool looks back over to share out the block rewards.  Because of this, your payouts may start relatively low as your first shares go into the pool of other miners' shares, but will increase over time to reach a steady regular amount as long as the share difficulty stays the same. 

You can view the pool's statistics including a graph of the overall speed here. 

Graphs of miners' hashrates and payouts are here as well as other graphs relating to the pool too.  You can view your individual graphs on the graphs page under the heading of the Infinitecoin address that you use for mining .

The Pool fee is 1.5%, which you can check at any time at for confirmation.  You can also see the expected pool fee for the next block on the statistics page.  The actual amount of the fee in Infinitecoins will wobble up and down for each block (sometimes it may seem quite high, but other times it may very low or even zero due to the way p2pool works), but it will average out over time to the 1.5%.  You can see how it wobbles and averages out on the graphs page.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me (TreasureSeeker) in the support thread at the Bitcointalk forum.

Have fun and happy mining!